A little thing I call self-respect

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Anyone care for a drink…? You’d have some catching up to do.




If she were around, yeah. But I was thinkin’ more whoever wins this. *cocks his head and sips his drink* Which is gonna be me, by the way.

You’re all bark and no bite. -sticks out tongue at him- 

You say that now, but you don’t know, I could be a biter. *smirks*

Well then I guess that’s a risk I’m going to have to take now, isn’t it? -tilts head and arches eyebrows-

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    I already told you I ain’t afraid of you. I just don’t want you to remember losin’ in the morning. *grins and takes...
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    -slight smirk- You scared of a girl, Ash? Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. -reaches over and picks up her drink-